The First Tech Challenge is designed for students in grades 7–12 to compete head to head, by designing, building, and programming a robot to compete in an alliance format against other teams. FIRST organises this event and they are also the organisers of JuniorFLL, FLL and FRC. Teams, with the guidance of coaches, mentors and volunteers, are required to develop strategy and build robots based on innovative, sound engineering principles. Awards are given for the competition as well as for community outreach, design, and other real-world accomplishments.


In half a year you and your team build a robot that must be able to carry out certain tasks. This robot must fit in a 18 by 18 inch cube and shouldn’t weight more than 42 pounds.

On the event you’ll play around 8 matches and these matches are played on a 12 ft X 12 ft field. You’ll play your matches in a 2 vs 2 alliance formation. After every match the alliances got mixed up again. That means your alliance for one match could be your opponent for another match.

The finals of tournaments are played in a static formation, the 4 best teams may chose 2 other teams to form an alliance together. This means 2 teams from an alliance are playing and 1 team is waiting on the sideline but this team must play the next match. So in total 12 team form 4 alliances and they will compete in a knock-out tournament for the title. At the World Championships there will be 24 teams competing in a knock-out tournament.

These few rules are the most common rules but there are more rules ofcourse. You can find these rules in game manual part 1.  Every year is different so every year the field and rules are different. You can find the rules about that year’s challenge in game manual 2, you can find the link to game manual part 1 and 2 beneath the outreach section. You’ll also find a list of things that are easily forgotten and you should not forget to put on your robot!


Outreach is also a very important part of FTC. Outreach is finding ways to get more children in STEM, robotics and espacially FIRST. After finding a way of inspiring these kids you’ll set up a plan and try to contact the right people. After a while you’ll make you’re plan come true and see much happy faces on children!

One thing we think is really important is “Gracious Professionalism”. The core value that FIRST Tech Challenge promotes is embodied in this phrase. Showing gracious professionalism can be done in many ways, from helping another team, to simply having fun at competitions. The definition of this phrase is completely up to the person which is why it is one of the most important aspects of FTC. 

Last years we gave presentations about STEM and FIRST, went to primary schools to give programming lessons, gave demos and we gave science camps.

Game manual 1 and 2

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Do not forget these things!

This is a list of the things you and your team members should not forget to put on your robot! Ofcourse, there are more thing you should not forget but these things are the most important ones.

Main Power Switch
Alliance flag holder
Battery Mount
Team number
Robot Main Battery